Long wait times?

Invite your customers to get in line before arriving at the restaurant and increase revenue without adding more tables or hiring extra staff.

Excellent for your customers

Customer experience is vastly improved. Anxiety, associated with waiting, is reduced. Customers are seated shortly after they've arrived at the restaurant.

Good for your staff

Time spent constantly addressing "How much longer do I have to wait?" is saved for more productive tasks. Peak demand period is spread out, allowing for efficient shift scheduling.

Great for your bottom line

Your business significantly increases revenue by servicing customers who would typically walk away due to long wait times.

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How Does It Work?

LineDrop provides a simple and easy way for the host to add customers to the wait list and for the customers to reserve a spot in line before arriving at the restaurant.

Customer is added by the host to the wait list

The host uses a tablet to add a customer to the wait list. The customer receives an automated text message with their wait time. Right before the table is ready, another message is sent. The second message contains a link inviting them to download the app.

Customer reserves a spot in line before arriving at the restaurant

Using the app, the customer can see current wait time and how long it will take to get to the restaurant. The customer reserves a spot in line and is notified when it's time to depart and when their turn is coming up.

More customers are serviced

With customers arriving just as tables become available, peak demand stretches: instead of multiple parties arriving all at once, they arrive one after another. Customers who would normally walk away due to long wait, are now happily seated shortly after they arrive.

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Return on Investment

We've applied our team's decades of experience building large scale queuing projects and software as a service platforms, stochastic modeling, simulations, queuing theory, quite a bit of math, and a lot of code to help your business service more customers.

To understand the effect LineDrop would have on your business, we created a realistic stochastic model and ran thousands of simulations. The result was consistent: managing customer arrivals on average yields 20% higher throughput.

Here is what it would look like for a restaurant with 30 tables, 8 busy dinner shifts, and an average bill of $15.





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