Smart Waitlist App
for the coolest places

A perfectly simple waitlist for small and unique restaurants, cafés, and bars that are so awesome that people wait in line to get in.

By creating a better experience and letting the guests join the waitlist remotely, our clients are able to seat up to 20% more guests.


Makes waiting process easier

Our smart waitlist lets your guests reserve a spot in line at the restaurant or from home, estimates wait time, and sends out automated text messages to inform them of the wait progress.

Frees up your staff's time

While the guests explore the neighborhood or have drinks at the bar, your staff can work on more productive tasks instead of constantly addressing “How much longer?”

Line moves faster

By sending a message to the guest when they are next in line, the customers are prompted to start making their way back to the host. So when the table is ready, the party is right there waiting.

Orders are quicker

Because we include a link to your menu in the messages, the guests have a chance to take a look at the menu and get an idea of what to order before they sit down.


Great for your business and your guests

Serve more guests while providing a superb customer experience.


Increased revenue

Our Smart Waitlist does two very specific things to increase revenue for your business without any additional resources.

Makes customer queue move quicker, keeping the tables turning efficiently and saving time for the staff.

Lets guests join the waitlist before arriving at the restaurant. Joining the waitlist remotely allows guests wait longer, which translates directly into more parties served.


Peace of mind for your guests

Our automated text messages and notifications put the guests in control of the waiting experience. We let them know how long the wait is going to take, inform them if it's taking longer than expected and let them know ahead of time that their turn is coming up.

So, instead of worrying when their table will be available, the guests take a deep breath and maybe even take a look at your menu.


Guest Self-Registration Link

Wouldn't it be great if your guests could save a spot on the waitlist before arriving at the restaurant? Easy to do, just drop a link on your website, and you are good to go!

If fact, over half of the guests who join the waitlist do so before arriving at the restaurant if given the opportunity.


Do more with less

With the current staff shortages, our smart waitlist helps your business by creating an environment where guests don’t mind waiting a bit longer for a table and by saving your staff’s time for more productive tasks than constantly addressing “How much longer do I have to wait?”.

Happier guests

The guests love the convenience. They are much more likely to wait for a busy restaurant knowing that they have a spot in line and that they will get a text when their turn is coming up. It’s nice to be able to walk around or do something else while they wait.



A better way to take reservations.


Available as an upgrade to the Smart Waitlist subscription, reservations are a great addition when you need to set a few tables aside for special occasions.

Making a reservation is a breeze

Making a reservation is a simple and elegant one-step process for your customers. To save time for your guests, we keep everything on a single screen: we ask for their name, phone, party size, and let them choose time and date. They can add notes, if they like.

Once a reservation has been made, we send a confirmation text message. The customer has an option to change or cancel the reservation. LineDrop also sends automated reminders with the restaurant's address and the menu link.

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"LineDrop has been a great help to navigate our wait times in our busy days."

Neal, Nealie's Skillet

"What is great about it is we have a way with the push of a button to text my customers when their table is ready."

Caroline, Brewery Draconum
Case Studies

Loved by small businesses

Small businesses, just like yours, are using LineDrop to deliver excellent service.


Do I need a tablet?

Having a solid, well tested, dedicated tablet with great battery life makes waitlist management a breeze. If you already have one, great! If you need one, get one from us: Smart Waitlist Dashboard Tablet. We will set it up, so all you'll have to do is connect it to the Wi-Fi.


How long would it take to train my staff?

We designed the waitlist to be very simple and intuitive. Typically, it takes about a minute to start using the waitlist.


Can the guests get on the waitlist from my website?

Yes. The Premium subscription includes a guest self-registration link that you can add to your website. By tapping the link, the guests can join the waitlist.


If I'm not available, can my staff still log in?

We use one-time secure token to authenticate the dashboard tablet. Once a tablet is authenticated, there is no need to log in.