Case Study

Achita Sushi

Achita Sushi uses our Smart Waitlist to retain more walk-in customers.



Achita Sushi is a lovely little high-end sushi restaurant located alongside the Santa Clara river, in Santa Clarita. The chefs pick only the best and highest quality ingredients to create a truly memorable dining experience.


Achita Sushi is very popular, but it only has a few tables. That means Achita can’t serve all a lot of parties at once, and on busy nights there can be as many people in line as there are in the restaurant. This can make trying to get a table at Achita on a Friday or Saturday night a frustrating experience, causing the restaurant potential revenue as customers give up and leave.


With LineDrop’s Smart Waitlist, Achita Sushi’s guests relax and wait in comfort as they explore the shops nearby. Once they are next on the list, an automated text message prompts them to get back to the restaurant. Knowing that their spot in line is guaranteed puts the guests at ease and greatly reduces anxiety associated with waiting. Our smart waitlist helped Achita Sushi deliver a great customer experience as well as retain customers who would otherwise leave due to long wait times.

  • Retaining more walk-ins

  • Great customer experience