Case Study

Nealie's Skillet

Nealie's Skillet uses LineDrop's Smart Waitlist to deliver a superior brunch experience.



Nealie’s Skillet is a breakfast and brunch restaurant located at 25858 Tournament Drive, Valencia, California, just off the I-5. Nealie’s serves a variety of classic American and Mexican breakfast foods, as well as burgers, pizza, salads and fusion cuisine.


A large portion of Nealie’s Skillet business comes from people driving down I-5 who want to stop for brunch, but prefer to avoid chain restaurants in favor of an authentic experience. This used to mean long lines, particularly during the weekend brunch hours.


Since taking up LineDrop’s Smart Waitlist, Nealie’s Skillet noticed that the waiting process became much easier, it allowed the customers to wait in the car or take a walk, and, because LineDrop notifies the customer when their turn is coming up, the line actually moved faster. The staff at Nealie’s Skillet find LineDrop indispensable, as it frees up their time for tasks more productive than constantly addressing "How much more do I have to wait?"

  • Relaxed guests

  • The line moves faster

  • Orders are quicker

  • Staff's time is freed up

“Guests have a peace of mind and are free to walk around the neighborhood or wait in the car.”